Bespoke Shoemaker

Bespoke Shoemaker

Bespoke Shoes 'A personal Service'

The Process

Free Consultation

Tony offers a personal unlimited consultation time that gives you the opportunity to explain your needs. You are able to define your requirements in detail and discuss the options available.

Personal Measuring Service

The personal measuring service ensures that each shoe is perfectly fitted to each individual requirement. All our Bespoke and Orthopaedic shoes are made to measure.


The Ultimate leather is essential to differenciate the quality of your footwear.  At Tony Slinger footwear we use only the very best leather suppliers.  We use EuroLeathers and A.A.Crack in Northampton as our Leather suppliers who would be more than happy to host you in their factory to enable you to choose your own skin, or we are more than happy to recommend and purchase the leather on your behalf.


At Tony Slinger footwear we only use English oak bark for our soles. Aged over 12 months it is prepared by soaking and rolling through a hand press before being hand sewn to the prepared welt. our welted work has hand stitched soles through an open channel Danite soles can also be used for winter wear. 


After the soling process the soles are left for three days, after which the process of boning commences. This process results in the ultimate finish on your soles, through hand burnishing and boning which can take up to 7 days to achieve.


Tony Slinger Footwear offers a full range of both Orthopaedic Footwear and Bespoke Footwear for Women and Men. This includes dress shoes, sport shoes (e.g. Golf) and boots. We have a full catalogue of designs or please bring along your own design for us to make especially for you. 

Hand stitching

Tony produces his own threads using a material called hemp. Hemp is fine cotton and the strength of the thread is determined by the shoe maker by adding more hemp which is hand rolled and waxed. This is painstakingly important to the finished product and is not a process commonly used by other craftsman.

Hand Welting

Bespoke shoes making consists of two types of construction. Standard cemented construction or for the ultimate in tradition....hand sewn to an insole using a hand feathered method on a welt. We offer both approaches but recommend hand welting as it guarantees a longer lasting life to your shoes.

Hand Finished

All our bespoke welted work is hand finished. This uses ancient traditions where glass is used to bring edge of the sole and heel to a smooth finish before edging irons complete the process.

Care for your Bespoke shoes

As maintaining the shoe is as important as the buiild quality we also offer some products that you can use to upkeep the great look of your new hand made shoes.

Style at its finest

You also recieve a custom box and can even opt to have shoe trees made to keep making your shoes look great for years to come.